Hyefolk is a tiny shop set in the old Market Town of Rostrenen, Brittany, France.
Originally, the Hyefolk label related to high quality hand-crafted bears which have been adopted by clients worldwide, including China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and Belgium, to name a few.
The artist and proprieter relocated to France and continues to create some of her art at the kitchen table with a real country-folk-art theme. 
We also source and buy individual items of gift-ware to compliment the arts and crafts, giving a wide choice.
The shop itself has a olde-worlde country-style feel about it and was originally opened to cater for the large English speaking community, giving them a llittle piece of home.  However, it is mainly the French who love its cosy, welcoming ambiance and English style and influence.   Many visitors now come regularly from all parts of France.
We endeavour to be different with a unique feel, charm and variety and aspire to be a very individual little shop set in the heart of the country. 
The town seems to appreciate the efforts we make to bring something different into the area, and for this we are truly grateful.
Shop opening hours are:

Monday -           Closed
Tuesday-           10-12 am & 4-6 pm
Wednesday-    4-6 pm
Thursday-        4-6 pm
Friday-                10-12 am & 4-6 pm
Saturday-          10-12 am & 4-6 pm

The shop is located at:

33b rue Ollivier Perrin


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